Saturday, August 13, 2011

Put the kettle on.....

These are snaps of the collection I made for the "Put the kettle on" group exhibition in July this year at Red Poles in the McLaren Vale here in South Australia.

We each made a tea cosy in the theme of the Mad Hatters Tea Party which was a lot of fun indeed!

Leaf to Cup
Sterling Silver, fabric, cotton

Sterling Silver, Enamel paint

Sterling Silver, Vintage Fabric, Cotton

Lapsang Toogood
Sterling Silver, Coloured Pencil, Vintage tablecloth

Milk in First
Sterling Silver, Enamel paint

Sweet T
Sterling Silver, Leather, engraved

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Resin Necklace

Resin, rubber and sterling silver.

Daisy Bowl

Copper Wire soldered and coloured.

Butterly Stick Pin

Sterling silver and Titanium

Terra Australis

Another pair of earrings for the exhibition. Quandong seeds and sterling silver.

Cherry Blossom Bracelet

Working on mixing sterling silver and leather and made this Cherry Blossom bracelet.

Terra Australis

The above is a collection of work I have created for the Terra Australis exhibition at The Red Shed Studio/Gallery. I have used the seeds from the Quandong fruit (the native peach of Australia), sterling silver, enamel paint.

SALA (South Australian Living Artists) August 5-28 2011
Terra Australis
Red Shed Studio/Gallery
Shed 2/75 Main South Road
O'Halloran Hill

Ceramic Jewellery

I have been playing around with clay in the Ceramics Studio at Tafe O'Halloran Hill. Here are two examples. The necklace made with pressing lace into the clay. The earrings by pressing vintage buttons into the clay. Bit of an experiment!


Aroha - "love" in Maori. Made with sterling silver and coloured pencils.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Added a sterling silver anchor link to Mr Rockstitch's beads. Much better!

Cloudy sunsets

Put the kettle on.

My very first 'real' group exhibition. It opens this Saturday June 4 at 3pm. Very, very exciting.


Something I have been working on.....

Waterfall Gully

We had a wonderful breakfast at Waterfall Gully a few weeks ago, at a restaurant called Utopia. Absolutely delicious. It's at the base of the waterfall. Spectacular.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mr Rockstitch's Beads

Mr Rockstitch wanted some beads. So these are black wooden beads with 4 sterling silver, to symbolise the family. Nice.

The new range.....

These are the new lot of earrings that I have been working on. Using sterling silver and cotton thread.

Recycled cushions

So I cut up a pair of Mr Rockstitch's old jeans, an old skirt of mine, and made these.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Stunning buildings in Melbourne

Street art in Melbourne

Above is a tiny example of the street art in Melbourne. Inspiring that's for sure.

Had a wonderful few days with the girls from Auckland. So, so, so good to see them. We explored the laneways. Ate at amazing restaurants - my faves would have to be Cafe di Stasio in St Kilda and Cumulus in the CBD. Coffee in some great cafes, and of course, the shopping. Too good.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Julie Blyfield

I went to the opening night of the Julie Blyfield exhibition at the JamFactory. It was the most stunning collection. Truly inspiring. I just don't know how she does it.

The wonderful Julie Blyfield is giving an Artists Talk on Saturday 19 February at the JamFactory, 11am, along with Christian Hall and Lauren Simeoni who also have a beautiful exhibtion on at the same time.

So if you are in Adelaide you must, must, must go. It's on until March 20.