Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coffee Cup Necklace

I had a little scrap of sterling silver left over from another project and a little bit of extra time in the workshop, so I whipped up this baby.

After heating up and rolling out the silver, a little like pastry, to make the piece a bit bigger to fit the design. Cut it out with my jewellers saw. Drilled a hole for the handle to cup out the middle piece. Soldered on a bracket on the back to thread through the chain. Bit of sanding and tidying up the edges. Da dah!

The coffee cup is also going to be used on the medal, once I figure out the best way to make the ribbon detachable.


I started crocheting grannie squares last winter (after lessons by the lovely Cathy at Brown Owls) Then summer came along and it was far too hot to crochet! Thankfully along came winter again and I could finish it. It's more a throw than a blanket.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Medal #2

While in the jewellery studio I snuck in a personal piece to make. The progression of my cross stitched medal brooche idea. This one is made with sterling silver and the bottom piece, which is actually the North Island of New Zealand (where I am from), is detachable. So you can wear the scroll as a brooche on it's own. The idea is to make different shapes to hang from the ribbon. I have an idea for another, so will pop it on as soon as I have made it!