Tuesday, December 21, 2010

merry merry chrissie

3 more sleeps until the kids can open their presents. Everyone is really excited in our house. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Stay safe!


OK, so I never ever ever win anything! Until a couple of weeks ago that is. It was a promotion with The Advertiser (local newspaper) and SA Lotteries. Purchase a ticket for the Mega Draw on the 31st, go on line and enter to win a ipad...........and woohooweee, I won one. We so wanted one as well!!!

So then I needed a home for it. So I whipped up this, for now. This is what I really want from Minnie Cooper in Auckland.

Summer Cape

I found some bargain material and seeing the weather is so dodgey, I thought a Summer weight cape would be a great idea. So here it is.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Market Day!

My first ever market is on next Sunday at Cabin 453 on Brighton Road. I am going to have jewellery and other interesting bits and pieces on my table. So if you are around, pop in. And you could even purchase a delicious flat white while browsing!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

School is out!

So that's it for TAFE. The year has whizzed by and I now have a Certificate IV in Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft, specialising in jewellery. It has been a fantastic year. I have met incredible people and learnt lots and lots. The sad thing is leaving all of this behind. And the even sadder thing is the campus at O'Halloran Hill is closing in 2013, and sure is winding down already. Which is a terrible terrible thing.


To be honest this photo was taken a couple of weekends ago. The weather hasn't been all that great since. Tho they are threatening that it will be 35 degrees on Saturday. So that will be a pleasant change and we will be back to the beach!