Monday, October 19, 2009

My place and yours - on the shelf in the lounge.

A great idea of Pips from Meet Me at Mikes to see whats happening on everyones shelves.

Here is the shelf in our lounge. I know it's very cluttered but seeing we can't put things on the walls it all has to go somewhere!

The egg cup holders in the front were created by an extroadinary artist in New Zealand called Martin Popplewell. One of my all time favourites!

There are illustrations done by my boys. And the horses in the surf, I grew up with at my Grans house.

And, sorry to say, I love gnomes. Especially one that is lime green.


  1. I love the The horses in the surf picture.I donot think your shelf looks cluttered at all.I think it has a nice homey feel to it!

  2. dito re: horses in the surf. What a great picture! And I love the way the horses heads pop over the top of the gnome and photo in front. Such a nice shelf...

  3. Oh the HORSES are so good. So so good! Your nan had/has excellent taste in kitschy artworks. I bet she is/was ace. I really like your shelf and the way it has so many different - but meaningful, pretty - things on it! So glad you played! xx

  4. Triple ditto to the horses. Great shelf!