Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My place and yours - That's nice, that's different, that's unusual

Toni from Little Suitcase chose this weeks theme -That's nice, that's different, that's unusual.

I looked around our house and couldn't see anything that was different. Apart from it being very small.

So being new to Adelaide and in fact Australia. We have only been here just over a year. And coming from New Zealand, the thing that I used to find really wierd was how there were roller doors on the windows. How everything always looked so closed up!

Until summer hit it all became clear. In NZ we don't really have the issues with the heat. We open up all the windows and doors with the first sign of sunshine.

It's not unusual now, but it was in September 2008!


  1. I agree, things can be totally strange in one location if you are from another. My house only has tiles. Coming from a cooler climate, at first I thought this was odd. But now I understand why! Thanks for sharing

  2. Bet you miss having the house opened up. I hate that closed in feeling in the Summer!