Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cape of capes!

Wednesday was my day off of studying, so I had plenty of time to whip up a cape. I have been thinking about capes for ages and ages. Thought about knitting one but couldn't find a pattern and it would take weeks to make anyway. So off I went to Though it kind of was joyful, most unusual.

Found the perfect pattern - New Look 6916. Found the perfect fabric which just happened to be on the sale table with an extra 50% off. Found the perfect cotton lining, looks like paisley but has skulls all over it.

Well the pattern wasn't 100% perfect. It didn't have a hood. And it had to have a hood. Took a few attempts at pattern making- doh! But it all worked out nicely.

Just needs to be a smidgen colder so I can wear it.


  1. I love it! the lining and the green bow are gorgeous :)

  2. Hey - That's fabulous! I've had a cape thing happening for a while now, too! Especially those teeny short, just-over-the-shoulder length ones! Not very practical, I know... I once saw the perfect pattern for one - with hood - in a Burda mag, but do you reckon I can find it again!?
    That lining is about the most amazing paisley I've seen!!!