Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Wilson's Lesser Schaffasbok
Characterised by it's diminutive stature and blunt, geometric features, Wilson's Lesser Schaffasbok is surely the most peculiar of the world's antelopes. The Schaffasbok is native to the
lower slopes of South Africa's Drakensberg Mountains where it forages for mushrooms amongst the tall grasses.

Image One

Tait Wilson
Adelaide, Australia

Leave it to Weaver
The weaving pattern represents life, stitch by stitch, circle by circle, the lands, the water and all
living things are connected like family. We are all connected.

Lyn Niemz
Newton, South Australia

Home Sweet Home.

Kellie Campbell
Adelaide, Australia

The International Fauna Dossier describes a schaffas (Marcum-Schaffidius) as a gentle and un-aspiring creature of great mystery. This exhibition will demonstrate the various and complex forms that the schaffas adopts. Each artist was given the blank Schaffa.....

The exhibition was held at Black Sheep Advertising in Rundle Street. Fantastic.

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