Saturday, March 27, 2010

Final Pieces

It is almost assessment time for the first few jewellery projects. Week after Easter holidays and I am almost ready. Just a couple of pairs of earrings to create.

Above is my "Coathanger" pendant - funny that! I made it out of sterling silver and am really happy with it. Still has a few scratches on much sanding.

These two brooches are made out of brass. Sorry about the terrible pics - I can even see me in reflections! The shape was made using a perspex die and I had to come up with two variations from the same die. The bottom one, the base was made pressing a piece of lace into a softened piece of brass, then I soldered the two pieces together. Finally I have gotten over the fear of using solder!


  1. WOW! I really really like the coathanger piece. You are doing a wonderful job, it sounds and looks like your really enjoying it!

  2. Your jewellery is fabulous x

  3. Andy - I adore that pendant! When are you taking orders??!