Saturday, March 27, 2010

Softie Self Portrait

For another class - "Concept", our first Project is "The Creature Feature". We had to produce a hand-made "creature" as a form of self portrait or self expression.

Mine is all about juggling things so my creature has lots of arms. On the arms are bits and pieces like cooking utensils (all the cooking), tape measure (all the sewing), tattoo fabric (all the tattoos), handbag (all the handbags). Then sewn on are more snippets of me - moko (for NZ), green and blue eye (yes that's me!), couple of kids in my pocket.........(Max and Cooper) and not shown is a embroidered version of Mr Rockstitch who is on the back, and the whole thing is made out of pair of his old jeans.

It was heaps of fun. Wish I could show you all of the others from the class. Amazing stuff.


  1. Hey Andy, How are you? Happy Easter. Looks like ytou have been doing some amazing things in class. Cathyx